Monday, October 20, 2008

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The blog records the farm's progress week to week as we transform it from weedy wasteland to what we hope will be a permaculture wonderland.
It's been an amazing journey. Less than 7 months from the inception of an idea of a ginseng farm, to winter experiments at another property, to our own piece of land.

Who are we?




and our hired hand Laurie

Although not without its negatives (being mainly the timber industry surrounding the area and the potential of logging indirectly damaging the property, and the neglected property itself), when we are there it is full of life and potential. 67 acres, with a permanent river, abundant wildlife, 1000ml of rain/annum and many wonderful trees.

These first photos are what we first found there:

Blackwood forest choking with blackberry

Looming pine plantations

Exposed open pastures

Logged rainforest: This is what rainforest looks like after logging and poor land management. Infested with noxious blackberry and looking rather poorly (1/3 of our forest).

Aerial view: open pasture to left, tree'd area centre, logged forest to right,
river runs along bottom right (south) to left (north)

Full property boundary. Top = North

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