Monday, March 2, 2009

Strzelecki Koala

More wild weather forecast, but last weekend was beautiful. More so because this endangered Strzelecki Koala was spotted right by our shed, didnt have a camera so a crappy phone picture is all the evidence there is.

The Strzelecki Ranges are home to the only relic population of
Koala in Victoria and South Australia. All other koala populations in Victoria are the result of translocations from four South Gippsland Koalas sent to French Island in the late nineteenth century.

Translocated koala communites suffer from inbreeding through weakened genetic inheritance. Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus Regnans) is a known food tree for the Strzelecki Koala.

On the food front the garden beds for onion and garlic are now being prepared as we obtain compost, goji berry, artichokes, and spinach were planted and seeds of rainforest herbs golden seal and black cohosh were put into stratification along with the ginseng seeds.

With fire survival now in the forefront of our minds, given our isolated location and lack of safe escape routes, buried steel Bunkers and non-burnable shed construction plans are being considered. As much as an earthship might be great the tyres would probably burn in a firestorm.

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