Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Land for Wildlife

We are now proud members of the Land for Wildlife scheme.
Lyre birds are in mating season and their beautiful songs echo across the forest all through the day.
The rainy season is really kicking in now, soil is nicely soaked, and there is alot of water in the creek and the dams. Tree planting in earnest has begun, in a couple of years it should look fabulous.
The farm is now on facebook too. Its just another way to network, most of the action remains at the blog.

A large wombat spotted by Kle after the fires
More cool forest floor mushrooms

Joyous mud, this happens when logging machinery uses your access road


  1. The CIC organised at its recent General Assembly an international competition on wildlife photography, with the title “Mammal Predators in Their Habitats”. For complete report http://lifeofearth.org/2009/06/wildlife-photography-competition-2009.html

  2. I am afraid that Australia doesn't have any Native mammal predators haha!