Monday, July 6, 2009

July update

Loads of rain folks, some 40 ml in the first week of July, coming off what was perhaps a dryish June (40ml total). Its lovely and wet up there, but the shed is now almost weather proof and we stay cozy by the fireside at night. Ginseng operations have begun in earnest. We even planted some saffron as a trial, but it seems like one needs 5 acres of flowers to make 500 grams of saffron stamens, so its not likely to be commercial venture!

Trial of Dong guai in the dappled forest creekside

More crazy fungi

Laurie loves the outdoor table, a sunny lunch spot in winter, shady in summer

Black wallaby in the pine waste

Our access road after forest thinning operations, much better!

10 year old American Ginseng, destined for our forest soil as seed stock

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  1. Wonderful pictures .. I especially like the picture of the Wallaby. How lucky you are to see these lovely creatures in the wild! I continued to be fascinated with your farm adventures!

    BTW ... I've started a weekly "green" challenge on my blog. If you have a moment, stop by and check it out!


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